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Ceramic RED casserole induction

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The Keramika RED induction casserole by KELOMAT combines the advantages of cast iron cookware with the lightness of aluminum. It is perfect for dishes that like to simmer a little longer on the stove and it also cuts a good figure in the oven.

Thanks to the special cast aluminum, it is much lighter than traditional cast dishes. On the outside it has a red pore-proof special hard coating so that the dishes still look good even after long use. Inside, it is equipped with a ceramic non-stick coating that is heat-resistant up to 400 ° C *). The cast aluminum lid closes the pot perfectly. With the silicone handle protection, the casserole can be easily lifted even when heated, without burning yourself.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Special aluminum alloy, strong cast version
  • Combines the advantages of cast iron cookware with the lightness of aluminum
  • For the light and gentle kitchen and for all sensitive things that are easily attached
  • Inside - ceramic non-stick coating for reduced fat preparation - (up to 400 ° C)
  • Outside - pore-proof special hard coating red
  • Strong stainless steel special ThermoStabilboden suitable for all types of stoves (gas / electric / glass ceramic / induction)
  • Well-fitting cast aluminum lid
  • Short searing time, excellent heat conduction, maximum energy use and heat storage
  • Avoid handling scratchy or sharp objects in the pots
  • With practical silicone grip protection, heat-resistant up to 220 ° C
  • Easy care, manual cleaning is recommended

Available in the following sizes:

  • Diameter 20 cm - volume 2.7 L.
  • Diameter 24 cm - volume 4.7 L.
  • Diameter 28 cm - volume 6.8 L.

Additional product information

Item Number
20 cm
2,7 L
The dimensions given are approximate dimensions and type designations.