• From a purchase value of 50 € free shipping within Germany
  • From a purchase value of 50 € free shipping within Germany

Guidance Care & Use

Pressure Cooker

1. Pan without pressure Lid

  • The Pan – WITHOUT THE PRESSURE LID – can best be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent. However it is also dishwasher-proof.
  • Never use abrasives or steel wool. This helps prevent scratches on the surface.
  • Always dry the cookware thoroughly with a cloth (don’t leave it standing to dry) to avoid stains caused by water drops.
  • Should this happen anyway, or if the stainless steel discolours after a while, it suffices to clean it with lemon of vinegar and a soft cloth or sponge every now and then.
  • Heavy stains should be removed with a special stainless steel detergent.

2. Pressure lid

  • The Pressure lid consists of three parts ( Lid, Sealing Ring and Valve). Please separate these parts before cleaning each part manually by using a gentle detergent.

3. Sealing ring

  • The sealing ring is in the lid, please dry it well after cleaning and oil it with some cooking oil.
  • Hardened sealing rings that have become brittle don’t seal well enough anymore and therefore need to be replaced.
  • In case of regular use, we recommend replacement after approx. six months.

4. Valve

  • The Valve should be disassembled and cleaned once a week in order to remove cooking and food residue.

5. Storage

  • Never store your pressure cooker with the lid closed.
  • Put the lid upside down on the pan so that it can air thoroughly.

6. Regular Check-up

  • We recommend regular technical check-up of your “KELOMAT” with our KELOMAT specialists, where you can also buy any spare part.