• From a purchase value of 50 € free shipping within Germany
  • From a purchase value of 50 € free shipping within Germany

Guidance Care & Use


1. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

  • The blades become blunt very quickly due to the salt in the dishwasher.

2. Rinse the knives directly after use.

  • Clean the knives with tepid water directly after use, because dried food residue is hard to remove. Dry the knives immediately after cleaning to avoid stains.
  • Don’t leave the knives in the dish water with detergent for too long, because this will affect their sharpness and cutting ability.

3. Sharpen your knives regularly.

  • Only sharp knives cut easily and securely, without tiring your hand. KELOMAT knives can best be sharpened with our sharpening steel.
  • Keep the sharpening steel away from your body at an arm’s length. Then draw the knife blade from the handle to the point several times from both sides over the entire length of the sharpening blade. Please make sure that the knife is perpendicular in an angle of 20° to the steel.

4. Store your knives correctly.

  • We recommend our knife bags, knife blocks or a magnetic rail. If you keep your knives in a drawer, please use blade protection (e.g. made of felt), or make tailored compartments in your drawer.